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Re: RGB over KAT5

  • Subject: Re: RGB over KAT5
  • From: steve_parsons2000
  • Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 09:26:00 +0000

> 1. You want to buy some modules that I havent marketed yet !
> 2. You are trying to over complicate things.

Nothing like a bit of over enthusiasm......
> 2. There is no point converting to VGA before KAT5 and I dont have
the VGA
> versions available yet. John Sims RGB-VGA units split the composite
> into separate H & V sync as output by a PC. Now if you are
off the
> mark, you will realise that RGBHV=5 signals. To get that over the 4
pairs of
> a CAT5 cable involves COMBINING H & V into composite
> on....didnt you just buy a unit to split them!

Doh ! Didn't think of that.
> You have stated that you do not use the Audio part of the KAT5's
for your
> plasma so if you make/buy a couple of SCART leads that have SCART
to S-Video
> + 2xPhono then you use the S-Video lead for the plasma and the
Phono leads
> for the Sub-Woofer audio.

Excellent. Thats confirmation of what I'd guessed but I wasn't sure
about. Thanks for the info.
> Any further questions let me know.
> I could sell you loads of units so you could build it as you
describe but I
> dont believe that is neccessary and I am not the kind of person to
> people off. You may benefit from the JS converter at the Plasma end
but I
> would try normal RGBS into it first, you can always buy it later if
> required.
Its the techie in me coming out. As always, very sound advice. Its
a nice change to deal with people who have ethics !



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