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RE: Newby

  • Subject: RE: Newby
  • From: Keith Doxey
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 20:22:00 +0000

Hi Frank,

1. The switcher (when launched) will be modular to a certain extent but
usually be built to some fairly standard configurations.

2. From the KAT5 point of view you need a Transmitter and Receiver. YOU
need to supply a couple of Wall Wart power supplies, a DVD Player, a TV set
and CAT5 cable to go between the two ends :-)

3. I havent got a clue but could find out. At present the only KAT5 units
outside the UK are in Eire, Norway and Holland.


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From: armagh_elect [mailto:<a
Sent: 31 July 2002 13:11
To: <a
Subject: [KAT5] Newby

Hi All
Just joined hoping to pick up a few ideas for my friend who
is currently building a nice big home and i have ran cat5 to all
rooms for him . He keeps asking me can he do this and that and the
KAT5 Switcher came to mind . From what i have been told about the
switcher its going to be well worth waiting for.
Just a couple of quick questions ..
1: Is it totally modular ie i imagine it to be like an
industrial plc were you have the cpu then slots for i/o modules etc
or is it built in different configurations?
2:i would like to listen to my dvd in my bedroom ,would like to
use the Kat5 modules so i can get a feel for the product. What else
would be required?

3:What would the cost be to send Kat5 modules to Australia?

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