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KAT5 Progress Update - another month...

  • Subject: KAT5 Progress Update - another month...
  • From: Mark Harrison
  • Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:40:00 +0000

<DIV><SPAN class="409114013-24072002"><FONT
face="Arial" color="#0000ff"
size="2">Well, a month since the last
<DIV><SPAN class="409114013-24072002"><FONT
face="Arial" color="#0000ff"
<DIV><SPAN class="409114013-24072002"><FONT
face="Arial" color="#0000ff" size="2">We
hang on your word, mighty one...</FONT></SPAN></DIV>
<DIV class="OutlookMessageHeader" dir="ltr"
align="left"><FONT face="Tahoma"
Message-----<BR><B>From:</B> Keith Doxey [mailto:keith.doxey@xxxxxxx]<BR><B>Sent:</B>
25 June 2002 23:15<BR><B>To:</B> KAT5
(E-mail)<BR><B>Subject:</B> [KAT5] KAT5 Progress
All,<BR><BR>Made a significant step forwards this
evening.<BR><BR>I have an amplifier that I started to build
about 3 years ago but never<BR>quite finished.<BR><BR>It
consists of 2 Stereo Zones with digital volume control and a 4
source<BR>selection.<BR><BR>The reason it was never quite
finished was that it was controlled by<BR>HomeVision but the
Amplifier and HomeVision live in different parts of the<BR>house. The
basic design of the
amplifier is one of the building blocks for<BR>the Whole House Audio
part of the KAT5 switcher.<BR><BR>Another intended building
block for the KAT5 switcher is the "SitePlayer"<BR>embedded
web server. This is a tiny self contained webserver with
some<BR>Input/Output ports that can directly drive relays, LED's etc.
It also has an<BR>RS232 port for communication with a more powerful
processor.<BR><BR>So what is this significant step
forward.......<BR>....sitting on the workbench is the afore mentioned
amplifier happily<BR>playing music. The source selection and volume
control can be made from ANY<BR>PC, iPaq, Fuji in the house (or the
world if the firewall was opened up !<BR><BR>Currently feeling
pretty chuffed that Siteplayer is doing what I wanted and<BR>that I
can now have properly controlled music in the Bathroom and
Kitchen.<BR>Need to order some more SitePlayer modules now because my
development one<BR
>has just found a permanent home :-)<BR><BR>I have also been
able to control SitePlayer by sending information from a<BR>different
webserver and getting SitePlayer to return its full status.
This<BR>means that people can also control it from their own web
based systems such<BR>as Graham and Andy's Home Automator
software.<BR><BR>I can go to bed happy now
:-)<BR><BR>This could also be the time to treat myself to
Wireless for the iPaq
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