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RE: WS switching on s-video via KAT5

  • Subject: RE: WS switching on s-video via KAT5
  • From: Keith Doxey
  • Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 13:23:00 +0000

In a word....NO :-(

I can find no documentation on Chrominance Switching.

I have no kit that supports it either so I would be unable to develop it.

Once the IR upgrade is release it will control Pin8 of the SCART and pass
the switching signal through.

There is also a WSS signal on some broadcasts on Line 23 of the picture. As
this is part of the picture information it SHOULD pass straight through
KAT5. Again, none of my kit supports this.

If anyone has a link to this information I can try and impliment it but it
would require assistance from someone with suitable kit.


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Subject: [KAT5] WS switching on s-video via KAT5

I have recently found out (sorry if everyone already knows this)
that in the US and Japan it is common for WS switching signal to be
passed on the chrominance pin of s-video much like we do it with a
normal scart connection. Now if I have such a signal on an s-video
cable and i put that through an s-video din plug to scart plug
adapter and then into KAT5 and then reverse the process at the other
end, will the switching signal be retained? Alternatively is it
possible to have KAT5 units with s-video din sockets rather than
scart sockets and would the switching signal be retained there?



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