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MK2 Units & IR


I notice that the MK1 units are not for sale any more. Do you have a date
for when the MK2 units will be available?

Also, my intention is to use the IR transfer feature of the MK2 units to
transfer IR keyboard / mouse signals from my lounge to node0, where my
server is
located. Allowing control of the server as a music system (all CDs are
onto server) and also as a DIY TIVO style system.

Not being very technical I am not sure if this IR transfer will be
possible. I
dont want to keep buying parts towards this end, if it wont work. Do you
the MK2 units will allow Ir transfer of this nature? IS the IR transfer
bi-directional or one way based on the type of MK2 unit (TX or RX)?

Does anyone else in the group use IR keyboard / mouse in this way already?
what alternatives are there?


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